Mozen Installation guide

Mozen - Zencart Responsive Template, you need Zencart 1.5

Note : You are advised to read the installation procedure carefully, backup your store files and database first before installation or making any changes.

You can set up Mozen Template in two different ways:

  1. Mozen - Quick Start Installation
  2. Mozen Template Installation (for existing Zencart Users).
  • Download from 'My Download' area.
  1. Steps for Mozen - Quick Start Installation:
    1. Unzip the and find the Quick Start Folder.
    2. Upload the zencart-mozen folder on server via FTP ( like: Filezilla ) or CPanel.
    3. Start installation by typing your URL of the directory you have placed Quick Start files. The installation page should appear as normal Zencart installation
      (Ex: localhost/ [directory name] or domain name/ [directory name])

      Database Setup

      imgAdd server host name (Ex: localhost).

      imgAdd username and password of host.

      imgAdd database name (Ex: mozen, database needs to be created before installation).

      imgAdd table prefix as per wish (Ex: zen_) and click on Save Database Settings . This will start your Mozen installation process.


      Store Setup

      imgEnter the Store Information as per your requirement and location address.

      imgSelect No in store demo information for default Mozen products. It is set to No by default and click on Save Store Settings.


      Administrator Account Setup

      imgEnter the administrator credentials as per your wish and click on Save Admin Settings .


      Folder Rename

      imgRename the admin and install directory.

      imgGo to the directory in which Zencart is installed. Find admin and zc_install folders and rename them as per your wish.


      Administrator Login Page

      imgGo to admin page by typing the new admin folder name in URL. This will ask you to reset the admin password after adding the admin credentials as per normal Zencart installation process.

      ( Ex : In our case we have renamed the admin directory to admin123 ).


      Template Selection

      imgGo to Tools -> Template Selection. Click on Edit button which appeares on the right side of your screen. Select Mozen Template from Edit Template Settings.


      imgNow, go to Tools -> Layout Boxes Controller. This will add the new sideboxes and all sideboxes will be reset to OFF


      Mozen SQL Patch Installation

      imgFind SQL Patch directory under the Quick Start folder.

      imgOpen the SQL_Patch.txt in Notepad and copy the file content.

      imgGo to Tools -> Install SQL Patches and paste the copied content as shown in figure above and click Send.

      Note : If SQL Patch is installed successfully, the notification will be displayed with green background. Otherwise the errors notification will be displayed with red background.


      Template Color Selection

      imgTo change Template color, go to Tools -> Mozen Color and select the color of your choice.


  2. Steps for Mozen template installation (For Existing Zencart users):
    1. Unzip the Mozen file and find the Mozen Template Folder.
    2. Note:The next step will over ride the previous files with the same name and folder path. So please take the backup of your previous files first and then follow the next steps. Replace the "YOUR_ADMIN_FOLDER_NAME" as shown below with the name of your admin folder, and follow the steps below.


    3. Copy the Mozen Template folder contents to your installation directory.
    4. Find the SQl Patch directory from the Mozen Template folder. Click Here to view the step.
    5. Mozen comes with the following plugins pre-installed:
      • Twitter Updates Sidebox
      • Zen Lighbox
      • CSS Dropdown Menu
      • Flex Slider